Welcome to Paris

So just after I posted the last post, our train stopped. We sat motionless for probably 15 minutes while I dozed a bit then slowly moved to the next station. Looking at our ratp app (train map/schedule and planner) showed there was a known issue – which seemed to conclude that the track was “perturbed”. I know I was.
Then a message was broadcast (in French) and everyone got up and left the train so we followed. Eventually figured out to go to another track where there was a quite full train and lots of people standing nearby. We decided to get on it. A few minutes later, an announcement was made and all the rest of the people shoved their way in too. So eventually we made it to our stop, came to the apartment and explained to Jacques why we were so late. He raised his eyebrows and said “welcome to Paris”, with just a bit of sarcasm. 

Jaleassia, we hope you and your mom didn’t have such issues! We couldn’t find you after customs.

Home at last!

Jacques gave us coffee and some cookies and so fortified we set out for a walk and eventually lunch. 

Found an interesting new building among the old traditional ones in the 9th that at first seemed so out of place. But then realized it actually strangely fit in, kind of a modern Haussmann (the architect of the style of Paris’ grand boulevards.

For comparison 

Decided to go eat at the same place we had our first meal in 2013, La Rotonde by Trinite church. 

Charcuterie plate and hot chocolate 

And Quiche Lorraine – sounds pretty French, eh?

No these guys are not peeing in a circle, they are ALL consulting cell phones. Just found it funny.

Awww, sweet! Hodor vour tient la porte. Hodor holds the door for you. If you don’t feel anything – you should have been watching Game of Thrones!

Wandered into a high rent shopping district – and found Au Printemps. Didn’t even get all the towers – it’s HUGE and wow, a store that looks like a palace!

Another pretty building Casino de Paris. It’s a music hall not a place to gamble…

Just love these streets!

So fashion mecca like Printemps leads me into my fashion blog for my niece. Coming up next.

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