Walking to stay awake 

That first night is always hard. You just want to sleep but you know you should wait until nighttime. So we try to stay active. Maybe walking all the way up to Sacre Coeur is a little more than we needed but it worked.

Oh, the food markets on Montmartre, enough to make you want to cook instead of eating in French restaurants. Well, almost enough. Plus we don’t have a kitchen in our B&B. Fish market – I didn’t photograph them all, I’ve done that. But still maybe I will tomorrow.

And wow, don’t need to bake.

Might need to come back soon.

A favorite little spot

The goal – Sacre Coeur

Lots of police presence but surprised to see soldiers carrying their guns. Sadly for the French tourist industry, visits to Paris have dropped a lot due to terrorists but they seem to be very vigilant. Was amazed how young these boys look – or am I just that old? Or too used to cosplayers? These are real…

On the way down again – liked this sign but passed on the actual restaurant.

Moulin de la Galette – famous spot, sometime we have to eat here…

And on to a favorite wine and cheese place – we highly recommend this place! Wine shop – excellent prices for good wines, more expensive by the glass but lovely cheeses and people watching if you sit and have a glass from the wine bar.

Almost 18,000 steps later and equivalent of 36 flights of stairs (with downhill harder on my knee), we slept very well!

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