Odd and ends from Paris

We had a few more little things to get in and few pictures that were overlooked in other days that I wanted to add.

First thing – we got to see the Oddessy  Salon de The – Star Wars Themed Tea Salon and Creperie.  We were tired and not hungry after our class so we decided to come back the next day – which we did but they were closed on Sundays!

There were 4-5 Star Wars and other geek related stores and we also planned to go find a souvenir but they were ALL closed Sunday 🙁
Incredible amount of “stuff” that was Star Wars! And as many Pop figures as they have at Comic Con in one of the stores. Also several comic book stores. It could be a substitute of sorts (a “Consolation Con”) if we some year don’t get into San Diego Comic Con…

Ok, interesting things
I liked how on this narrow street they found a way to provide a handicapped parking spot by the Montmartre Museum

Liked the girl sitting on the steps

Sunday morning wandering (trying to get to the Star Wars place), we walked past such little things as Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Seine, a restaurant we’ve eaten in a couple of times, the hotel from last time (2015 Loire Valley trip), and Les Deux Magots.
Always beautiful

The Louvre entrance pyramid had rainbow colors reflecting on it – hard to capture though.  The closer up ones lost most of the color.

One more of the Louvre

Along the Seine

Familiar places

Les Deux Magots
Yes, warm day but we had hot chocolate anyway.

A little entertainment on the train to the airport where we stayed

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