Kuwait – Evening dinner/entertainment and the conference

So we had a dinner and entertainment provided for the speakers and I was getting too long on the last post so here’s the rest. First the tent that was made up for the event.

Joel trying out a costume holding one of the trained falcons.

It was amazing. A woman who studies Middle Eastern music gave a talk and slide show on the early history and music of Kuwait. She had a group that sings these songs and performs there also. What was fun was how much the locals enjoyed it also – something they seemed to not have seen before?

Some high ranking people in the oil companies – they got the best seats 🙂

Next all the speakers got presents. – Here’s Bill

All the speakers 

Ok, now the food!

Everything was delicious – lots of rice, beans, vegetarian options as well as beef, seafood and the one that surprised me was the big pan on the left above was a large part of a lamb, you just take off what you wanted – same with fish and chicken but I’ve never seen lamb served that way. I loved everything I tried.

Desserts – mostly not as rich and sweet as we might be used to – or at least not sweetened with just sugar. 

Then home again in our limo/bus.  It was a fun evening with lots of opportunity for cultural exchange – not only with the Kuwaitis but also the other speakers who were from various countries and backgrounds.  One of the organizers told me that I was invited to the conference and lunch also so the next day I attended in the morning and got to see Bill speaking. Actually most of the speakers were quite interesting to me, despite only having some limited exposure to this topic. (Cyber security)

Another hazy morning

Getting set up for the day

I missed getting any pictures from the lunch but had an enjoyable talk with several young Kuwaitis who work together in IT at one of the oil companies. And lastly a couple of shots from the hotel.

We learned that Kuwait has no water (except the sea) and in the early days all water was carried in. And while they now desalinate water but also a little designer water too. 

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  1. No wonder you like to travel; you know how to do it in STYLE! Kudos to Bill for his accomplishments. Also, to you for keeping the home fires burning!

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