Ok, I officially love this town. 

We had two dinners here that were memorable so I’ll cover them but the main point is, as I was walking around by myself (around 10,000 steps per FitBit), I realized that I could come and live here for awhile and be happy,  the old town especially and within minutes you have a train and pretty much every store you need (up the hill and off to one side from the castle and old town). Even a Subway…

So I’m going to just bring you along to see some of what I liked. 

First, wanted to add a castle picture – did not include any showing the various courtyards, this was one of my favorite with the current cafe on the left which was the bakery and brewery at one time. 

St Jacob’s Church was first built in 1140 but fires and other damage over the years have necessitated various rebuilding and repair. 

Not as ornate as some but I found it very beautiful inside.

One side altar was particularly interesting.

St Joseph –  a Jesuit church from about 1630 and behind it is a school founded in 1629, Maximillian Gymnasium. 

Cute little grocery store in the Am Bichl area.

I just love this one! I took lots of door pictures. I always am tempted to do that in Paris but its been done, and published. Maybe hasn’t been for Burghausen, but those are for another post. Just had to include this here though.

A display for the Jazz Festsival which has been held annually here for 47years. 

A few of the greats who have commemorative plaques in the sidewalk. 

I noticed the water was down a lot since yesterday – almost 150 cm lower than yesterday.

I watched this big crow pulling wool off this sheep – nice lining for a nest.  He kept at it until he had a bunch and then took off. 

Just liked this mailbox – this guy is a business consultant and trainer

Love how these old buildings (which are protected as historical buildings) still have original structures – this in the Rathouse (town hall). 

A couple of night pictures


And dinner the first night at a Sardinian/Italian restaurant. Owner (from Sardinia) was very friendly, he’s been here 17 years and loves the town. Food was very good.

And the second night at Knoxoleum – an artist/restauranteur where the food is good enough but not the main attraction. The decor is over the top. That night a singer gave a concert of Bob Dylan songs.

one more view from our window

And because the sun came out. 

The walk I did while Bill worked was to the west end of Burghausen and back to the east, over the bridge to Austria, back down to the west bridge (about a mile each way) and then back to the hotel. About halfway through I realized I really like this town, it made me happy to be here. Friendly, cute, historical, pretty, I’d like to come here again. 

Ok, that’s it. So many unused photos but that’s enough for now.  Well, not quite. Here are two professional photos because it is hard to capture the whole town. You can see the eastern side bridge here, the west one is just out of view. 

The whole castle

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