Wroclaw – will it be as nice as I remembered?

Started off bright and early (well, ok cloudy but it was early) from Burghausen to Munich by regional train.

Bill wanted me to throw in a picture of solar panels so I could comment that we saw lots of “solar farms” although, ironically, we saw very little sun.

The Munich airport. They have self-checking for your baggage which went really quickly – maybe it just wasn’t a busy time. Security was also pretty easy, the opposite of Kuwait. Their X-ray machine didn’t even see my knee replacement. No passports required – as we were just going from one EU country to another.

Have to comment on this. A lot more smoking in Europe than the US still. And the airport had several of these “smoking rooms” provided by tobacco companies. This one was small out near the furthest gates but another one we saw was quite large and full of people.

Having erred on the side of caution (is anyone who knows Bill surprised?) – we had several hours at the airport so we got a little lunch and some last beer in Bavaria, where it is not considered an alcoholic beverage but a “food”.

Interesting that Wroclaw is still also called Breslau, at least when you’re in Germany. It was Breslau before the war. Afterwards, Russia got this territory and moved Polish people from eastern Poland into this area, forcing the German people out.  The sign alternated between the two.

Did enjoy Lufthansa’s snack more than a tiny package of pretzels or peanuts.

And now we’re in Poland – Wroclaw airport. I’d never seen it as last time we came by train from Berlin.

Our apartment and our view. Bedroom and kitchen are pretty tiny but functional and the living room and bathroom are spacious. We’re on the top floor (4 sets of long stairs) but the view is worth it.

We got settled in, Bill did some email and other work while I caught up on blog posts and then we set out to find dinner.  The town square is basically a big pedestrian zone around a center set of buildings (you can see one side of them above). That area and some others near this center are no cars most of the time. Lots of people out walking in the evenings and a fun upbeat atmosphere. Lots of restaurants, we basically picked by the interesting look of the one we went to but most of them are well rated on Yelp so we had many choices. It was drizzling but not too bad and added to the atmosphere a little – restaurants are using their outside areas but they have them mostly covered and heated with lamps.

The not very Polish sounding name of this restaurant is The Whiskey Jar – they serve whiskey in a mason jar along with various flavors and crushed ice. It was a little different but I thought good, even though I had beer I got to try Bill’s Cherry Whiskey.

This shrimp was wonderful and the stuffed potato Polish style (menu said it was traditional was yummy!

Bill’s salmon, roasted potatoes and beets with feta cheese – also good! The salmon was perfect.

And of course is walking around, trying to get our 10,000 steps (difficult on travel days sometimes), we saw the required Irish Pub (seriously, every town has had one)

And I’m caught up! Bill is off to work at 3M, I’m getting ready to make myself some eggs for breakfast and then venture out as the drizzle has stopped.

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