Odd and ends from Paris

We had a few more little things to get in and few pictures that were overlooked in other days that I wanted to add.

First thing – we got to see the Oddessy  Salon de The – Star Wars Themed Tea Salon and Creperie.  We were tired and not hungry after our class so we decided to come back the next day – which we did but they were closed on Sundays!

There were 4-5 Star Wars and other geek related stores and we also planned to go find a souvenir but they were ALL closed Sunday 🙁
Incredible amount of “stuff” that was Star Wars! And as many Pop figures as they have at Comic Con in one of the stores. Also several comic book stores. It could be a substitute of sorts (a “Consolation Con”) if we some year don’t get into San Diego Comic Con…

Ok, interesting things
I liked how on this narrow street they found a way to provide a handicapped parking spot by the Montmartre Museum

Liked the girl sitting on the steps

Sunday morning wandering (trying to get to the Star Wars place), we walked past such little things as Notre Dame, the Louvre, the Seine, a restaurant we’ve eaten in a couple of times, the hotel from last time (2015 Loire Valley trip), and Les Deux Magots.
Always beautiful

The Louvre entrance pyramid had rainbow colors reflecting on it – hard to capture though.  The closer up ones lost most of the color.

One more of the Louvre

Along the Seine

Familiar places

Les Deux Magots
Yes, warm day but we had hot chocolate anyway.

A little entertainment on the train to the airport where we stayed

A little religion

From the dawn of time Montmartre has been a place of worship : from the Druids of ancient Gaul, through the Romans with their temples dedicated to Mars and Mercury, to the Church of Saint Peter, the oldest in Paris, rebuilt in the 12th century next to the Royal Abbey of Montmartre by Louis VI and his wife Adélaïde de Savoie… Finally, the Basilica of the Sacré-Cœur, erected at the end of the 19th century. Today, this shrine of prayer remains faithful to its tradition: God is well and truly present! Here St Denis and others were martyred (Mont des Martyrs – Montmartre) and later St Genevieve convinced the people of Paris to build a chapel.

It’s now the impressive Sacre Coeur basilica. So being Friday in Lent, there was Stations of the Cross after the 3:00PM Mass. Another chance to stop being a tourist and an outsider and join in as a member of the community. It felt so great to walk past the gates and enter the restricted area (restricted to those praying or attending Mass.)

Waiting for Mass I snuck in a few photos (it says no photography)

Mass was a moving experience. The people attending sang beautifully and I (in my ignorance perhaps) was surprised to find the people at Mass were not little old white ladies, more than 50% were black and everyone sang out in French. Even I did, the words were on a handout.

Afterwards we processed to the crypt, down 2-3 flights of stairs for Stations. Armed with the words to song verses, I could sing along at each stop. Not good light for my stealthily taken pictures but I wanted to bring you along.

Kneeling at part of the prayer at each station, at least those who could…

And back up to the church

Then down the hill to meet Bill after work. We are right across the street from our apartment at one of our favorite restaurants, Le Dit Vin.

First a little wine and a picture of our apartment door – the big blue one.

Inside we were happy to have the son of the owners again as our waiter. He’s grown up a bit! But just as delightful.

Three years ago

Pork cheeks to die for!

Same goes for the almond cake

A little culture

Bill went off to work this morning at 3M – after this lovely breakfast

After Bill left for Beauchamp, I finished blog entries and set off for Montmartre.

Yes, I took a few pictures of shops along the way – here are some flower shops

So, can I just live here in Montmartre?

Sure, I can – for a million or two Euros

So, back up the hill again.

First let me point out that I will NOT being going to Starbucks… even if it’s in Montmartre

First stop – the Montmartre Museum

Which includes several 300 year old houses and gardens. One of them had been a shop with art supplies and many (now) famous artists shopped there. When they couldn’t afford to pay, they gave the owner paintings they’d done.
During this time, artists like Suzanne Valadon, Maurice Utrillo, Auguste Renoir, Émile Bernard, and Raoul Dufy all called this neighborhood home

Renoir painted his famous La Balançoire and Le Bal du Moulin de la Galette here in 1876. The gardens, now called the Renoir Gardens have been restored to look as they did when he painted here. Spring is just beginning but flowers were beginning to bloom.

There was a slideshow about the history of Montmartre and a room of photos of earlier times on Montmartre as a bohemian art colony

This is the rooms artists lived in

Lots of art by various residents especially – here is an example

Little cafe on the premises where I had lunch

Some more garden pictures.

Area below was old trees with a fence around it and a sign saying no one allowed in, except cats.

This post was going to be a little culture, a littl religion but it got too long. Religion is up next.

Walking to stay awake 

That first night is always hard. You just want to sleep but you know you should wait until nighttime. So we try to stay active. Maybe walking all the way up to Sacre Coeur is a little more than we needed but it worked.

Oh, the food markets on Montmartre, enough to make you want to cook instead of eating in French restaurants. Well, almost enough. Plus we don’t have a kitchen in our B&B. Fish market – I didn’t photograph them all, I’ve done that. But still maybe I will tomorrow.

And wow, don’t need to bake.

Might need to come back soon.

A favorite little spot

The goal – Sacre Coeur

Lots of police presence but surprised to see soldiers carrying their guns. Sadly for the French tourist industry, visits to Paris have dropped a lot due to terrorists but they seem to be very vigilant. Was amazed how young these boys look – or am I just that old? Or too used to cosplayers? These are real…

On the way down again – liked this sign but passed on the actual restaurant.

Moulin de la Galette – famous spot, sometime we have to eat here…

And on to a favorite wine and cheese place – we highly recommend this place! Wine shop – excellent prices for good wines, more expensive by the glass but lovely cheeses and people watching if you sit and have a glass from the wine bar.

Almost 18,000 steps later and equivalent of 36 flights of stairs (with downhill harder on my knee), we slept very well!

Welcome to Paris

So just after I posted the last post, our train stopped. We sat motionless for probably 15 minutes while I dozed a bit then slowly moved to the next station. Looking at our ratp app (train map/schedule and planner) showed there was a known issue – which seemed to conclude that the track was “perturbed”. I know I was.
Then a message was broadcast (in French) and everyone got up and left the train so we followed. Eventually figured out to go to another track where there was a quite full train and lots of people standing nearby. We decided to get on it. A few minutes later, an announcement was made and all the rest of the people shoved their way in too. So eventually we made it to our stop, came to the apartment and explained to Jacques why we were so late. He raised his eyebrows and said “welcome to Paris”, with just a bit of sarcasm. 

Jaleassia, we hope you and your mom didn’t have such issues! We couldn’t find you after customs.

Home at last!

Jacques gave us coffee and some cookies and so fortified we set out for a walk and eventually lunch. 

Found an interesting new building among the old traditional ones in the 9th that at first seemed so out of place. But then realized it actually strangely fit in, kind of a modern Haussmann (the architect of the style of Paris’ grand boulevards.

For comparison 

Decided to go eat at the same place we had our first meal in 2013, La Rotonde by Trinite church. 

Charcuterie plate and hot chocolate 

And Quiche Lorraine – sounds pretty French, eh?

No these guys are not peeing in a circle, they are ALL consulting cell phones. Just found it funny.

Awww, sweet! Hodor vour tient la porte. Hodor holds the door for you. If you don’t feel anything – you should have been watching Game of Thrones!

Wandered into a high rent shopping district – and found Au Printemps. Didn’t even get all the towers – it’s HUGE and wow, a store that looks like a palace!

Another pretty building Casino de Paris. It’s a music hall not a place to gamble…

Just love these streets!

So fashion mecca like Printemps leads me into my fashion blog for my niece. Coming up next.

We’ll always have Paris – again and again

Sitting in the Delta Club in Minneapolis/St Paul waiting for a flight to Paris. This is, I think, the sixth time flying to CDG airport. 

On the plane the girl next to us was going to Paris for the first time and Bill must have spent 30 minutes regaling her with his Paris stories and “must-do’s”. Then he found out she was from Atlanta and we went through Dragon con and costuming stories. Not sure he’s talked to me that much in a week! 🙂 and on to everywhere else he’s been… But turned out Jaleassia is our first great memory of this trip and we hope to keep in touch with her in the future.

First meal and there goes my diet…

Getting so I know the Paris airport and plan flights through there when I can. But this time we can spend a couple of days!  I love, love, love these two familiar signs.

Next sign is the “All trains go to Paris” and we’re on our way to our favorite apartment on rue Blanche. Third time staying with Jacques and Helene at Maison Blanche. 

Picture from our 2011 trip

Just sitting on the train to Gare du Nord and everything Paris is familiar again