La Dolce Vita 2010 – Minneapolis Airport

We are on our way to Italy – waiting in Minneapolis airport. It doesn’t seem real that this is vacation, such a long vacation, and to Italy – maybe because, as usual, Bill is working, solving 3M issues on the phone …


Our first flight is to Atlanta and from there fly to Milan where we will arrive at 7:30 AM Saturday, about 1:30AM our time. Hopefully after a few hours of sleep. We debate whether a non-stop flight or splitting the trip into two flights is better/easier on us. Jury is still out.

Made plans today to meet our nephew in Florence on Wednesday, also to meet two of my Italian friends – fellow Siberian breeders.

It’s supposed to rain the first few days so I went out and got a purse sized umbrella and rain hat. That and other miscellaneous things not included in our practice packing two weeks ago increased the weight of my backpack suitcase to 15 lbs from a much better 13 lbs so hopefully I’ll stay strong. Felt good that mine is lighter than Bill’s 25 lbs. This is important because we are using backpack suitcases.

So on to the free food in the Delta Club…. Will update when we can.

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