Blue Danube – 2017 – Budapest Info

The only official currency in Hungary is the Forint. Euros, or even Dollars or Sterling may be accepted by some tourist businesses, but very seldom at a reasonable exchange rate. Credit cards are commonly but not universally accepted. Exchange rate Feb 2017 – 1 HUF = .00349 US$

Budapest is pronounced “Buda-pesht”. Left side of the Danube (West) is Buda and right side is Pest.  A little like Mpls/St Paul.

Apartment is on the Buda side.

Apartment address

Dísz tér 8 23-24
Budapest 1014

This consists of two apartments with doors right next to each other. One with one bedroom and sleeping room in the living room. The other has two bedrooms and one bed in the living room.  I plan on the bigger one for Bill and me, Kevin and Judy and Tim. Smaller one for Vanderwalls, Mike and Marcia. We have to vacate the smaller one on the last day so figure probably easiest to put the ones staying less time in the smaller one. But it can be rearranged too once we see it and which one has better sleeping in the living room for two people.

This is the best I could do without either getting two rentals further apart or one bigger one that had dorm like rooms with 4-5 beds in each room and cost more.

Because we had to rent a larger one to accommodate all nine of us, I am just splitting the cost by nine. So $220/person for their stay.


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