Last Day in Listowel

Just kind of acted like locals today – went to the fruit market and grocery store, found a store to buy some towels. Went for a walk. Chris, Colleen and Adam arrived and we attended the last night of pub theater at John B’s. Loved it that Billy Keane and Jim (a musician we met Saturday night) came right over and greeted us like old friends.

Love the little archway over the street.

Love the painted houses

Shopping for fruit

And “SuperValu”

So many flowers here

The last night of the season at John B Keane’s
There’s John, our Airbnb host on the right – he saved us a space near the front – can’t get better service than that!

It was very crowded for this finale to the Pub Theatre season

An actory playing a part from a John B. Keane play, The Field – written 1965, nominated for an Academy Award for best actor (Richard Harris).

He was playing a bishop who is preaching to the people in a town where a murder occurred and imploring them to tell who and promising some fire and brimstone if they do not. Afterwards, Bill said he was ready to confess, it was that well written and spoken. I was ready to say it was John (our host). 🙂

Eoin Hand, former footballer and football manager  performing “Monica’s Song” written by Mickey McConnell (playing guitar). I LOVE this song.

Here is a youtube performance from another time he did this song- another very poignant song about Ireland’s history.

Gabriel Fitzmaurice, poet

Thanks for John Wade for getting us to all the fun spots in Listowel’s music/theater scene!

Here is a video done of Mickey MacConnell’ s Lidl and Aldi Song with special performance for closing night of the 2016 season of Pub Theatre at John B’s. You can see us in this video on the right side along the wall when they pan the audience.

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