Farewell to Galway and Hello to Listowel in County Kerry

Our farewell to Galway began with a trip to the Farmer’s Market where we picked up some breakfast and some things to take with us to our next home.

Bill got a spinach crepe

Look at the fish heads!

We also got some carrot, apple, ginger juice, partly because this guy was so cute.

And donuts! Just like mini donuts at home only not mini! And the donut man was a fun character. Made me think of Georgie Porgie Pudding and Pie – his looks and also there was some kissing the girls going on.

Prediction was for rain most of the day – and that’s when we got the most sun we’ve seen…

The Killimer ferry to Tarbert – the River Shannon

One bedroom in our beautiful house in Listowel.

And snacks left for us by the owners

After getting settled, we took a walk along the River Feale.

In Listowel – another colorful town.

We made our dinner that night at home – fresh salmon and vegetables

And then out to the Horseshoe with our John, our Airbnb host. One thing we quickly realized, the “brogue” is MUCH stronger in Kerry than in Galway. We have trouble understanding some of the people.

For some live music – they played a mix of  “oldies”, Irish traditional music and more current Irish music. More people joined in later. Everyone in the bar was a local, we were sitting right by the music and afterwards they talked with us awhile. Great experience!


Playing the Irish bagpipes

The man in the striped shirt was a wonderful tenor who sand a song with just slight strumming on the guitar as accompianment – obviously close to the hearts of the Irish in the bar as everyone got quiet and clapped afterwards. He is a friend of our host and John got him to come over and sing the one song for us.

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