A Gothic cemetery in the rain

Driving from north to south County Kerry, we stopped in Ardfert to see a famous ruin.

The cathedral at Ardfert is built on the site where St Brendan founded a 6th century monastery. Most of the cathedral dates to the 13th century but part of the north wall dates back to the 12th century. Some areas have been restored and there is a nice museum on the site also.

There was a fairly steady drizzle and we wandered around a bit to get some pictures.

Suddenly Colleen said she’d be right back – and went to the car. She came back in a costume she had brought “just in case” something came up for it. And this dark ruin on a rainy day just fit the Gothic mood she was looking for. At least five hundred photos later, we had accomplished our first photo shoot in Ireland, and wet and cold but happy, went on our way.

Here’s a sampling, ok, a kind of big one.


Waiting out the worst of the rain in a little shelter – still windy though.

Bill’s hat was used to shield the camera from rain.

Warmed up and had lunch at Kate Browne’s Pub – wonderful atmosphere and good food too!

Quick – which one means men and which one is women on these restrooms?

You were probably wrong – Mná is women and Fir is men…

Next up – the rest of the drive and another photoshoot in the beautiful town of Portmagee.

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