Airplane food and we’re in Ireland!

I like to think I’m a little bit of a foodie – we don’t eat fast food (unless Bill is near a Carl’s Junior) and actively look for places highly rated on Yelp, try to eat only fresh foods at home, not prepared (mostly do).

But I actually like airline food for the most part. Maybe it’s the novelty of eating on the plane and having all those little containers. It also has gotten better than years ago. So first food pictures – dinner – a shrimp and veggie salad, pretzel bread, fruit, brownie and breakfast “snack” – croissant, yogurt, cheese.

After the long flight to Paris – I love Paris – we got on a City Jet flight to Dublin. We were hoping our set of three seats would have one empty but the plane was completely full. And by full I mean packed in like sardines. Shoulder to shoulder and knees (even my short leg) just fit in. But I was so tired, I slept most of the way.

We loved that our City Jet plane was named “Skellig Michael”, a place we hoped to visit.

When you are only 5’4″ and have no legroom…

The pilot had a great Irish brogue and as we left Paris said “sure and it’s a beautiful sunny day in Dublin”. Ok, he didn’t say “sure, and”. But on getting close to landing I was wondering about the Irish definition of “sunny”. 

But it turned out to be lovely. Picking up the car was a riot – all these Americans, including us, slowly edging out of the parking lot, trying to get used to driving on the right side of the car, left side of the road!


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