Driving to the cliffs

So not much is open for breakfast before 10AM but we found the coffee shop Costa (chain a lot like Starbucks) was open by 8 so went there so we could get an early start.

First day breakfast was crumpets and Nutella. They were actually pretty good!

So, on to learning was driving on narrow Irish roads is like. And it was a little nerve-wracking. Turns out there were quite a few tour busses going our way so staying behind one let them run interference for us.

We mostly wanted to get to the Cliffs while it was less crowded and hopefully not raining or foggy. So no stops along the way.

Traveling out of Galway we came to a unique rocky area called The Burren, which comes from the Gaelic for “stony place”. It’s a very unique rock structure and in areas looks like a barren moonscape but is actually home to a wide variety of plants and animals. Despite its somewhat inhospitable look as a place to farm or live, evidence shows man has lived here since the Stone Age.

Pretty church

After a winding climb we were rewarded with a beautiful view.

And a little music. The girl playing accordion was really good!

Lots of sheep in Ireland (actually at this point we had no idea how many!)

More of the pretty view

An area with more trees

and this!


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