Galway pubs and restaurants – Day 1

After unpacking a bit, we got in Text contact the my niece Sarah who lived in Galway for a semester of college and took her with us virtually on our first night in the old town Galway area, AKA, the Latin Quarter. Not sure if it was good nostalgia for her or just made her sad not to be there.

Our first restaurant and we loved it! Wonderful meat pies with mash and peas and the best cabbage I’ve ever had. And the decor! Pictures do not do it justice. Only holds 14 people, we were lucky to walk in when one table was open.

Sarah’s comment “that place is awesome” (it is)

So we followed the advice of James Joyce

So off out into the now misty (ok, it was raining a bit) night. Not late because we were a little tired. Such a cute area, we loved just walking all around.

Started working on deserving this tshirt

By visiting Quays Bar

Sarah’s comment – “I spent so much time at that bar”.

So back to our lovely little 3 bedroom apartment – quick, hop on a plane and join us!


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