More pub tours and views of Galway

Irish beers for when you are a little tired of Guinness

At Front Door Bar…

where we met Liam and were maneuvered into a political conversation – on the US election which a lot of people seem to want to hear about.

Liam let us take a picture if I promised not to vote for Trump

The Kings Head Bar – named for the English follower of Cromwell who took over as mayor of Galway and took over this house after the defeat by the English and was said to have been the one who behesded King Charles I, this the name. The building is over 800 years old and still has an old medieval fireplace

Tig Coili Bar. And a Jameson

And wonderful music

And that was it for tonight’s bar tour

A few shots from early, uncrowded morning – could this town be more picturesque?

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