Thoughts on packing and long airline flights

We went to Italy six years ago for 3 weeks and each carried everything in a (large) backpack suitcase. Kept it down to 20 lbs. So what’s up with needing a very big suitcase and two small ones this time?? Little different climate, more sweaters, sturdier shoes, not sure that explains it all even. Maybe its all the electronics and chargers? That does add up.  Four magazines and a book for Bill. How many umbrellas do we really need – yes, it rains frequently, that’s why its so green there. Oh, and freezer packs for my knee…a collapsible cane, a collapsible walking stick just in case.  Actually the cane is my ticket to getting a ride out to the gate in the airport.

So how would I design planes better? Well obviously I’d like first class seats for everyone. Or at least Delta comfort as we got this time. But my main small change would be to figure out a way to make seats more comfortable for short people. I can hear the disagreement that short people have it good, it’s the tall and bigger people who deserve more consideration. But my main problem is my legs dangle and it cuts off circulation in my legs, worse now with my bad knee. I can hear now how whiney that sounds…I could bring something to put my feet on – but somehow carry- ons never work well and I have too much already (see first paragraph). One more whine, seat is too deep for my short legs, so hard to sit comfortably even with a footrest.  Ok, I admit I’m writing this after almost six hours in my seat and a ½ hour of sleep while my six foot husband has slept for about four hours. I’ll be fine in 90 minutes when I can say I’m in Paris. Then off to Dublin an hour or two later for a much shorter flight.

Oh and there was a big bathroom on this plane, along with some pretty normal ones. What a luxury! Last year on the way to Costa Rica I almost couldn’t sit in the tiny bathroom when my knee was only bending 50 degrees.

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