The Walk

Taking a walk near our house

We found this house with beautiful blue fence, obviously abandoned with weeds overgrown right across the front door. Odd thing was we looked this up on google earth and it was all well kept then – less than a year earlier.

Of course it made a perfect photo stop…

Continuing on

Another beautiful rainbow appeared

Chris climbed a wall to get a photo

Bill was so nervous she would fall, his arms were at the ready to catch her

The house next to ours was almost identical

Soon, the sun was going down on the day

Time to go to dinner at The Moorings in Portmagee – a place that advertised quite a bit about Star Wars having been filmed nearby and the stars stayed there and were often in this bar/restaurant. Evidently here Mark Hamil learned to pour a Guinness.

And of course the seafood was amazing.

Then a little time for the “boys” to play their iPad games…look who got the little couch 🙂

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