We’ll always have Paris – again and again

Sitting in the Delta Club in Minneapolis/St Paul waiting for a flight to Paris. This is, I think, the sixth time flying to CDG airport. 

On the plane the girl next to us was going to Paris for the first time and Bill must have spent 30 minutes regaling her with his Paris stories and “must-do’s”. Then he found out she was from Atlanta and we went through Dragon con and costuming stories. Not sure he’s talked to me that much in a week! 🙂 and on to everywhere else he’s been… But turned out Jaleassia is our first great memory of this trip and we hope to keep in touch with her in the future.

First meal and there goes my diet…

Getting so I know the Paris airport and plan flights through there when I can. But this time we can spend a couple of days!  I love, love, love these two familiar signs.

Next sign is the “All trains go to Paris” and we’re on our way to our favorite apartment on rue Blanche. Third time staying with Jacques and Helene at Maison Blanche. 

Picture from our 2011 trip

Just sitting on the train to Gare du Nord and everything Paris is familiar again

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