A little culture

Bill went off to work this morning at 3M – after this lovely breakfast

After Bill left for Beauchamp, I finished blog entries and set off for Montmartre.

Yes, I took a few pictures of shops along the way – here are some flower shops

So, can I just live here in Montmartre?

Sure, I can – for a million or two Euros

So, back up the hill again.

First let me point out that I will NOT being going to Starbucks… even if it’s in Montmartre

First stop – the Montmartre Museum

Which includes several 300 year old houses and gardens. One of them had been a shop with art supplies and many (now) famous artists shopped there. When they couldn’t afford to pay, they gave the owner paintings they’d done.
During this time, artists like Suzanne Valadon, Maurice Utrillo, Auguste Renoir, Émile Bernard, and Raoul Dufy all called this neighborhood home

Renoir painted his famous La Balançoire and Le Bal du Moulin de la Galette here in 1876. The gardens, now called the Renoir Gardens have been restored to look as they did when he painted here. Spring is just beginning but flowers were beginning to bloom.

There was a slideshow about the history of Montmartre and a room of photos of earlier times on Montmartre as a bohemian art colony

This is the rooms artists lived in

Lots of art by various residents especially – here is an example

Little cafe on the premises where I had lunch

Some more garden pictures.

Area below was old trees with a fence around it and a sign saying no one allowed in, except cats.

This post was going to be a little culture, a littl religion but it got too long. Religion is up next.

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