Emirates to Dubai and Kuwait

Something cool in Paris airport and we actually saw several of them that were available!

Emirates airline was pretty amazing even in economy class – now having a lounge upstairs had we been a little higher class might have been even more amazing. But the amenities were nice – even in row 89. The plane was a 380 which is HUGE, they boarded through three doors.

Seat back not only has a personal screen but a remote controller, special cup holder so you can have tray table up, every movie and TV show made it seemed 🙂
nice headphones, plenty of overhead space, reasonable leg room and a comfortable seat with adjustable headrest, nice meal selections.  AND the console had three camera views of the plane – not just a chart showing where we were but cameras that actually show the plane – one pointing down, one on the tail and one on the front of the plane.
Here we are at the terminal

More of the console

View while in flight

The Alps

No snow on these mountains

It was night when we arrive in Dubai – here is window shot and one from the plane showing the runway approach.

Not sure it counts but we did spend an hour in the Dubai airport – can I say I’ve been there?

Did find a little Irish Cafe in Dubai airport

And then a short flight to Kuwait – here is our approach.

The experience in the airport was amazing. Someone met us – always wanted one of those signs with our names on it…(actually it happened once before when an internet friend met us in Seoul). He got us through getting the visas and through customs without even having to talk to anyone or wait in any lines (helps to know people).  Then to a hotel representative who got us a car to go the hotel. This is all thanks to the conference people who arranged all this from airlines to hotel.

Nice Hilton resort – more tomorrow!

and a gift of some sweets and a book on Kuwait history

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