The experience in the Kuwait airport was amazing for us – first of all one of those many people holding a card with a name on it had our names! He took us to the visa desk where he took care of getting our visas (including paying for them). This had been arranged by the conference. Then he just walked us past the lines at customs, right to the Hilton shuttle which took us to the Hilton Resort. One of the men meeting us mentioned there was a sandstorm going and it could be seen in the next morning’s sunrise. To our delight, our room faced the Arabian Sea and had a beautiful view.

Really a sumptuous breakfast buffet came with the room and we ate looking out at the sea.

I just sat and enjoyed my coffee awhile and Bill went off to listen to talks at the conference.  Then after updating blog pages and taking care of a few business issues with customers, I went for a long walk down the Hilton property on the beach. 

One of my favorite photos from Kuwait

The sea any my feet

Just some views of the Hilton property

I saw this thing on the sand and wondered what kind of creature it could be.

Turned out to just be some weird man-made thing that I couldn’t quite figure out.

Just a building I liked. Most buildings were made of sand color and were a lot alike in color although designs varied. This was a little more ornate.

Two beautiful views.

One of the pools which was near the sea but unfortunately not open the day we were there due to repairs being done.

The night after the first day of the conference the speakers and those who arranged the conference (and me) were taken into Kuwait City for a dinner. We had what looked like a fairly large bus but turns out it was more of a limo-bus. Two tables with two bench seats each and a big lounge area in back.  This is the back.

Night scene including the liberation tower built after the liberation of Kuwait from Iraq by the coalition forces.

We had a tour of the “Dickson House”, formerly the house of a British couple who lived in Kuwait most of their adult lives. It is in the house they lived and it was amazing to see the Kuwaitis being so interested in the people and situation of the people in the photos. 

Next was a big dinner and show for us. It was next to the museum in a “tent” that was decorated and you could dress up and hold a trained falcon. But I’ll break here and put that in the next entry.

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  1. Looks beautiful! So nice to be treated so royally! I love your pictures and descriptions. Looks like a “party” bus–very nice.

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