Kuwait to Paris (always Paris)

The next morning more sand was in the air – by the time the sun is up it looked beautiful and clear the other days, this one stayed a little more hazy.

The colors of the buildings were all pretty much sand colored, with some variation. But many were beautifully decorated and with differences in style. I just got a few photos while driving to the airport. 

In Kuwait and especially in Dubai, there were many many opportunities to do duty free shopping and many exclusive, expensive brands available!

Just got a kick out of this couple taking a selfie. People are the same everywhere…

And many beautiful women.

So Emirates had another trick up their sleeves, the stewardesses were taking pictures of people – polaroids so they could give the picture to you.

And we liked these stickers that are in the seat pocket.

on the seat back
Sand everywhere

Landing in Dubai by watching our monitor – especially put this in for my brothers…

Dubai airport is just amazing – its has the largest footprint of any airport. Look at this bank of elevators that took us up several tall stories.

Another 380 – this plane is SO big. The first flight we were in row 85 and still not the back of the plane (although close).  This time was row 57 but right on the wing so limited view outside.

Beautiful gate area

We didn’t get to this gate area without some work – there were three sets of security. And all but the last time I had to have a fairly thorough (much more thorough than US when there is no X-ray scanner) pat-down – since my knee replacement sets off the metal detector. They take women into a little room with a door or curtain before doing it at least…

The view leaving Dubai

Islands built off Dubai’s coast

Sunset from 39,000 feet

Snow capped mountains below also

And sunset from the airplane monitor. Can you tell I was impressed with these cameras on the plane? I’ve got a few more for landing…

Flying right into sunset.

One of the displays that come up periodically of cockpit instruments – I missed getting the one with the instrument cluster.

And landing – and we are back in Paris…

Missed putting this one in and I couldn’t resist one more.

Bye Emirates. Hello Paris.

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  1. Beautiful pictures! I almost feel like I’m there. I know what you mean about the knees–a pain at check points!

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