Burghausen Castle

Walking around the first day we decided to go UP to the castle – wasn’t as bad a walk as it looked. Here is a picture of the whole town that I found online showing the extent of this castle. 

So up we went and this is one cool castle. Found out that in July they do a three day medieval festival at the castle and town – maybe I need to go back for that too.

I’ll throw in history as I got too. This hill was already settled in the bronze ages.  The castle itself was founded before 1025.  It was the second residence for the Dukes of Lower Bavaria in those early days. The main castle was built about 1255. So entering the main castle to the left in the picture from the town side.

It was modernized in the 1500’s to provide more military protection against the Ottoman Empire. It was also a place that ducal treasure was stored represented in the third picture of this set. 

A view of the town from the castle – probably part way up here.

And of the back of the castle – the side away from the town. 

This town was walled also in the medieval days but the walls of the castle were a secondary protection, it seems like it would have been quite a secure site. 

A chapel down in the 4th courtyard.

I promise I left out the great majority of my pictures but wanted to include some of the coolest areas.  And I’m tempted to do more so I’ll stop myself soon. But here are two picture I did with zoom lens just to see what they were mostly – beautiful church up on a hill quite a distance from Burghausen and I believe it was actually in Austria. 

And of course die Bergen – the mountains.

Ok, that’s the castle  – I will finish up in the next post with photos from walking around the town which I did a lot of the second day there while Bill was working. Also will fill you in on the interesting meals we had. 

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