Burghausen on the Salzach River.

So walked to the Bahnhof to get our train to Burghausen, a city near the 3M plant Bill was visiting. The plant people suggested the Post Hotel in Burghausen and it was a good choice to stay there. There is almost nothing in Glendorf where the plant is part of a huge complex of companies. 

It required 3 trains and almost 3 hours to go what would have been about 1 ½ hour drive. But it was interesting and actually quite cheap.  One ticket takes you on any/all Bavarian regional trains. 

But first I had to include this – I saw several of them in Munich. It’s a shortened name for Croissant and Bagel. The other store called themselves close to Parisian…. But the name just sounds funny in English.

First train and Bill is working. This took us to Lundshut.

Second train and Bill is working. This took us to Muhldorf.

Bavarian country side

One more train and we’re in Burghausen. 

The train station is in the higher area of town, away from the river and the old town. It’s like a different world – wide streets, stores, car dealers, “normal” houses, then you start down the hill into the “Altstadt” with the castle up on the hill above it.  Now this is a town I can love!

Our room in the 500 year old Post Hotel. Up three long flights of stairs (no “lift”).

The view out the window

Zoomed in

So we decided to walk around and find a place for lunch.  I had learned a few days before we left home that there was an International Jazz Festival in Burghausen and it started the night of the day we had to leave. Sad we had to miss it. This area ahead in the picture is called “Der Gruben”.

Lots of paintings on houses, typical in this area. 

And many houses had a plaque telling the history of the house. These buildings are all hundreds of years old. 

And then we came to the area called “Am Bichl” and decided to eat at Cafe Bichl

This was so good – don’t know what the cheese was but GOOD. The young waiter tried to explain what the crust was and came up with “a little like phyllo”. – I was impressed he knew that word but it wasn’t like that – really a very thin pizza crust. 

And of course, beer.

The Salzach river, walking down on the Burghausen side – the other side is Austria. 

a little Austrian (pretty much the same as south Bavarian) look

We walked down the river and across the bridge where we saw a building where they measure and record the river’s height and conditions. It had risen almost 200 centimeters in the past two days and was at over 400, flowing very rapidly and full of branches flowing downstream. 

Here is an old picture of the bridge – now it is steel but still keeps the wooden framework of the original bridge. 

On the bridge is Icarus (Ikarus in German).

And the small town of  Ach in Austria.

So next we walked up to the castle and visited the largest church.  Next post for that. I’m already liking this town. 

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