My day “off”

Finally came down with the cold Bill had earlier in the trip so was kind of glad to have not too much planned for this cool, cloudy day. We had gotten groceries last night. Bill happily had Honey Nut Cherrios for breakfast before going off to work. I did a load of laundry in the apartment and then made scrambled eggs for breakfast. Caught up on the blog – can’t believe I’m actually writing in real time right now. Finished a book I was reading and now in a French Cafe in Wroclaw. Giselle’s – it was recommended by our Airbnb host so decided to give it a try.

Galette (pancake in French, not a crepe) with spinach, chicken and cheese – very good and did remind me of France. And coffee, they do have good coffee, seems like they use a lot of Brazilian coffee.  All this for the price of a fancy Starbucks at home…

Wandered around and just took a few pictures – I somehow lost many of my picture from last time so it seemed worthwhile to take a few more so – you win, you get to see them!

While we saw no graffiti in Burghausen, there is quite a bit in Wroclaw. Some is political and some I have no idea…

Love the pretty streets of the old town.

I’ve been here before, visited many areas, many many churches but unfortunately my blog from that time was on blogger and when google bought it, many pictures disappeared AND I can’t find most of my pictures from that trip.  So I did visit one church yesterday and took pictures.

First on the way to the church is the Copperplate Engraver’s House, one of two that originally surrounded St Elizabeth’s Church.  It’s the building on the left in the forefront of this picture. Behind is St Elizabeth’s Church. These two buildings were originally home to men who serviced the church, taking care of the altars.

It’s one of my favorite views near the main square, the Rynek.

St Elizabeth’s was built on the spot of a 14th century Roman temple (a common thing in many places to build a Catholic Church on top of a Roman temple) and was built at the beginning of the 14th century by Count Boleslaw III.

It was almost impossible to capture and do justice to the very bright stained glass window and still get any detail in the darker church so I’ll show it in three pictures.

There are a few modern or at least more modern buildings in this area and they seem a strange contrast. Here you can see the church on the left, other more typical buildings and the more modern Sofitel. But at least its facade blends in somewhat.

This house is called (in English) House Under the Golden Sun and was built in the 16th century, a combination of two 13th century buildings. It was remodeled in the 17th century and is now an example of baroque architecture. 

And of course, Burger King – there’s also McDonalds, Starbucks and Pizza Hut (right next to our apartment). I watched a mom and three kids and I’m pretty sure she asked where they wanted to eat, because they all enthusiastically answered “Burger King” and went running towards it. Sadly (to me anyway) it was probably more crowded than any of the other restaurants.

But we did not have dinner at Burger King! We were taken out to Pod Fredra, a beautiful and very traditional restaurant. 

Lovely decor and ambiance. 

We got an amazing assortment of appetizers. Could have happily eaten just that! The herring (not visible in the picture) was the best I’ve ever had.  Grzegorz ordered so not sure what it all was.

And I’ve never had goose before so that’s what I got with the starch being traditional Polish something like gnocchi. Cranberry sauce and oranges. It was delicious.

Bill got the rabbit, and it was hard to pass that up but I did taste some of course.

Dessert was good but not our favorite, wish we’d gotten the apple pie/torte, it looked great.

And of coarse ended the evening with vodka. I’ll update later with the flavor but it was good.

Our wonderful company for the night – sorry I missed one person in the picture.

After that, it was time for twice around the Rynek to get some Fitbit steps and we were ready for bed.  The yellow building here is ours and we are on the top floor.  Two pizza places – Pizza Hut on one side and the one you can see on the other. The stairway often is filled with the scent of cooking pizza. 

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