NICU and Classical Music 

Today I met with Dr Janusz Malinowski, a doctor that Bill meet on a train one time he was here in Poland. He is the head of OB/GYN at a hospital in Wroclaw and took me to see their obstetrics unit and NICU. It was quite interesting although I did not take any pictures. I had donated clothing to them twice when 3M people were coming over (one was Bill and one other person brought some) and they loved them so I brought a new supply including some of my tiniest shirts. They have one very tiny baby right now who will be able to try those on – only about 900 grams. 

In the past few years they have updated their NICU and it is quite high tech now but I was very impressed with how quiet it was and relaxed. No monitors beeping or alarms alarming – although I’m sure they do on occasion. The neonatologist that took me around told me they only rarely intubate a baby (put them on a respirator) and use only CPAP on most of them. They feel they get better results with less lung damage. If you know nothing about NICUs this will not mean much to you but I found their more gentle approach interesting. They get a good result so it must work ok! While the NICU has lots of high tech equipment and the ultrasound and C-Section room have all the normal equipment, the overall feel was a very homey, non-high tech one that makes birth seem more normal not so much a medical procedure. On the other hand, they keep moms there 2-3 days for a normal birth and probably 5-6 days for a C-Section. 

My tour of the hospital included talking with some moms who had recently given birth and some recovering from c-sections, meeting nurses and doctors, who exclaimed over the new clothes – I’m hoping to get some pictures.  One of the moms there had herself been delivered by Janusz and now her child was born there. We got a chance to discuss hospitals in our two countries, medical education and also some politics. After Trump’s election its impossible to avoid being asked about it.  The time was very enjoyable. 

We then went for lunch at a restaurant on an island near the old town. First I was shown a new construction project, this will include underground (under water?) parking and a restaurant and maybe other things on the upper levels and the whole thing is designed to look like a ship on the water. 

Very nice restaurant where I got a smoked fish salad and “chocolate mousse” dessert, which was a little different than the usual. Dessert only shown….

Walking back to the apartment we saw this poster and both of us immediately thought of our daughter Colleen. Anyone else think it looks a bit like her? Although obviously in extreme makeup and pose.

Next Janusz and his wife took us to a concert at the National Forum of Music Concert Hall.  Here’s a picture of the main stage although we’ll be at a smaller one – kind of chamber orchestra size.

And pictures from our small performance – two pieces were 9 piece orchestra “Nonet” by Bohuslav Martinu and Nonet by Josef Rheinberger, and the third was a quintet – and was one of my favorites – Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet KV581. 

All of them were excellent and wonderful acoustics.   Then after our usual walk around the square, the day is done. Tomorrow we go to a Museum about the history of Wroclaw and then to dinner at the home of Janusz and Hania. And again I’m all caught up!

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  1. OMG! Are you sure that wasn’t Colleen? Maybe someone snuck a picture of her sometime–must be her doppelganger! The NICU sounds really interesting–solving the problems with not as much drama.

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