On to our last adventure

So after five nights in Wroclaw it was, sadly, time to move on.

Last time we were in Wroclaw, the train station was under construction and we had to wait outside looking at a big board watching for our train to be listed so we could run up the stairs to the right track. The new one is done and its gorgeous.

The train we took was a regional train that stopped frequently, was crowded and for a good amount of the trip full of young exchange students, although not when I took the pictures.  So not as comfortable – or fast – as some train rides.

Not much interesting scenery- it varied between farm fields and forest.

Our little apartment in Dresden was in a perfect location – we had a view of the Frauenkirche right out our window, easy access to many landmarks and sights, and tons of good restaurants in close walking distance.

Below left is a corner of the Frauenkirche and in front of it a piece of the original church that was left as a monument. The dark stone in these buildings is the old original stone, the lighter stone is new. Many people assume the dark color is from the fires but it is a normal darkening of sandstone and only speaks to its age. Newer sandstone that replaced destroyed pieces is light but will darken with age.  After the war, the Russians would not rebuild the Frauenkirche so it was not begun until about 1990 and finished and first used again as a church in about 2005.  Many many buildings are restored but the work still goes on.  (Cranes are visible in the background for some new buildings)

Many large old houses were rebuilt to be hotels. This was definitely not tourist season and there were more Germans than anything in the old town even but it gets much more crowded as the weather gets warmer.

A couple of shots of the Frauenkirche from up close.

Martin Luther statue a little closer

Buggy ride tours

More views around the main square.

And of course there was an Irish Pub….
We mostly just had time during this quick stop in Dresden to walk around and see some of the sights and the next day to take a bus tour. And eat some good food. And we wanted to look for local food so we asked our Airbnb host for ideas. He told us we should try Dresdner Trodelschanke. (Can figure out how to make this do umlauts). It has old fashioned food from this area and old fashioned decor, in that it is filled with antiques, knickknacks and just stuff.
I know this is a lot of pictures of one place but it was interesting. Bill said it felt like you were eating at your grandma’s house.  And with two white-haired women working there, it was believeable.

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