We really liked our Air France crew and the airplane – at least in Premium Economy. Uneventful trip except I could not sleep at all. My leg was just too achy and restless. Bill slept quite a bit of the way and Tim did some. So arrived in Paris around 11AM, and then had to navigate that somewhat complicated airport. At least we are through

customs and in the EU so no more customs until we go home.

Second flight was a smaller plane and quite full but somehow, after much changing of seats by certain groups who wanted to be together or something, we ended up with three seats for the two of us – so I got to lie down and finally got an hour or so of sleep.

Landed in Prague – Praha is the local name. We had a great driver waiting for us. Just had to get a picture because it was so fun to finally be one of those people who had a driver waiting with a sign and my name! Actually its not the first time but it was fun. The 30 minute drive was a great chance to talk to him about sights in Prague and he pointed out several restaurants near our apartment – before going back to pick up Kevin and Judy.

Our cute little (3 bedroom) apartment is right near the old town and perfect. Tiny elevator fits one suitcase and one person.

Our door – we love having an apartment instead of feeling so much like a tourist in a hotel.

Cute little French restaurant, Le Terroir, in a courtyard below our apartment

This street is so characteristic with its narrow winding path and pretty ornate buildings. The view is from just outside our apartment.

September is a little less busy but still lots of tourists and since it is a Friday night, lots of locals mixed in.

We chose Pinovar U trí ruží, a brewery with traditional Czech food.

First a toast with five different beers.

The waiter was great and suggested things a little differently than some of us had planned but every plate was pretty much licked clean! Based on this first experience, Czech food has a lot of hearty sauces on meats, delicious cabbage and dumplings! Below a few of our plates including pork ribs, duck and goulash.

Couldn’t quite surrender to bed this early so we walked around the Stare Mestro (old town) for awhile. Located a bike store, chocolate store and interesting dessert to try another time.

The astronomical clock – plan to visit it on the hour tomorrow

Bohemian glass seems to be everywhere.

And saw two Absinthe stores during our short walk, this one called Euphoria. Absinthe is a once illegal reportedly hallucinogenic and definitely highly alcoholic drink credited with providing inspiration to many artists and writers. It is often green and nicknamed The Green Fairy.

Tomorrow – the Old Town during the day and “Brews and Views” tour.

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