Brews and Views – our beer tour of Prague

After spending the morning in the Stare Mesto, we headed north across the Cechuy Most (bridge) over the Vltava River to Letna Beer Gardens in the huge Letna Park.

This was our meeting place for Craft Beer and Food Tasting Tour.

It was a steep climb – both stairs and steep path but worth it for the view.

Here at the beginning of the Bridget – what we were going for was at the top of the hill across the bridge.

Some views from the bridge of the city

We met our group and our tour guide, Rob. He was one of the best tour guides we’ve had – knowledgable, friendly and enthusiastic!

The first beer was a gambrinus made with 100% malt, Czech hops (evidently very special!) and a decoction mash. This beer is kept in a tank which is frequently emptied then quickly cleaned and a new delivery comes. Always fresh.

The park is a lovely spot, full of places to sit and drink beer, lots of families, picnics, but mostly beer.

Next, back down the hill and across the bridge and a talk about the history of brewing in Prague.

Remember this? Our next stop was Pivovar Lod – a micro brewery on the boat. The beers here are brewed on the boat and not available anywhere else. Paired with them were some pickled snacks.

The sausage like part was actually fish – three types and pickled.


The larger mug was called Monarchie and the small one was Legie. I liked both.

Next on the tour was the butcher shop/pub owned by Paul Day, a former sous-chef at Nobu in London. He’s one of a few butchers in Prague working to bring back the great meats that were no longer available during communist times. His shop is Maso a Kobliha and is part of the wave of micro-brewing craft beers inspired by the Trent in the US. Beer here was named Raptor but you won’t be finding it anywhere else…

Paired with some fantastic Scottish Eggs!

This was really living up to its name now – the view from the next place was fantastic. It was a beer terrace (do you get that the Czech people like beer?) on top of a several story shopping center. First we had to take a few pictures…

Here we had an unfiltered draft Pilsner called (after the beer pub), T-Anker. It is made for them by the oldest brewery in the world, Brevnov, which was founded in 993.

Going down the UP staircase.

For a little snack before the last beers, we visited another butcher with a little hot dog store – Nase Maso. These were not your usual hot dogs though. Delicious sausages I’d say. Everything home made including the mustard and ketchup.

And another little stop in a store selling Gingerbread where they had made some special cookies for our tour.

I just liked the sign for this place…

Next stop was not as likely looking. Called Beer Story. We were down in the basement. And actually managed to get an extra hour and a half with our guide, probably making him late for meeting up with some people afterwards…

Here we got to try four beers. This pub, Pipa, has eight taps, very unusual where most bars have 3 at most. They rotate and we did have one from their tap, a Benedict. The others were ones normally consumed from bottles, some like Weizenbiers are meant to be served that way rather than in a tap. This Weisenbeer (at left) is Primator Weizenbier. We also had Pardubicky Porter, a dark lager, Bernard Cerny. The Bernard beer is dark, normally considered a “manly beer” but this one has a taste that is more liked by women.

Noticed both the James Dean restaurant and the Coca-Cola truck.

Then it was back to the apartment to rest a little, look at pictures, recharge batteries (literally) and get ready to go back out!

Unfortunately no sunset as it was cloudy and by the time we went out too dark for even dusk pictures. But here’s a sample of pictures from and near the Charles Bridge.

First one of Charles IV himself.

Not sure who these girls were – maybe a bachelorette party? One of them was dressed in black – the bride??

And finally settled on a place to eat – and drink a little more beer. This time – Budweiser – the real one from Czech Republic.

Sausage, gnocchi and a shrimp salad to share.

And one final stop – dessert at Le Terroir, the little restaurant below our apartment. Restaurant pictures are taken from the walkway near our apartment and are during the day. This is a little French restaurant. They were closing when we got there but agreed to serve us dessert if we paid the bill right away – normally the bill does not come until you request it – there’s no rushing you out of restaurants here.

A kind of chocolate mousse cake and Creme Brûlée.

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