Visiting a fairy tale?

.Today breakfast was at a little coffee shop where we got croissant sandwiches or granola/yogurt cups and coffee.

Our barista

This is an Evangelical church that looks quite old. It says on it that Mass is in “Deutsche Sprache” – German language. We happened to see a German tour guide talking about it to his tour – evidently a highlight.

And then it was time to start our trek to visit a hotel with the name Hotel Popelka – the surname of my sister-in-law – which happens to be a word that is used for the title of the Czech version of “Cinderella”. Popelky means ash, or cinders.

It was quite a long walk up a big hill and then down and back again. We started by heading for the river.


We crossed the Legion Bridge (Most Legii) named for the legions that fought in WWI. Beautiful view.

We did get stalled a little watching the double set of locks moving boats up the river.

A pretty square across the lake. We were definitely getting into more residential and areas frequented by locals.

And then we started UP.

Judy noticed an interesting building with hand sculptures doing sign language. A little work with Google Translate app revealed that this is a school for the deaf.

Then we found this church and cloister that is FOR SALE! I want to live in it now…. shall I start a GoFundMe?

Look at the tram going up the hill to the building above (with NH sign on it).

Finally getting close to the goal.

We went in the hotel to see it and told the clerk about Judy being a Popelka which basically just made her giggle a little – not sure if there are any Popelka’s involved in the hotel or they just used that word as the name. It was a fairly plain, small hotel probably serving visitors of a few local small manufacturers not really a fairy tale hotel…

So we went on and found the U Popelky Bar a short distance away. The 3-4 locals in the bar seemed to get a kick out of the story – but only the bartender seemed to really speak any English. One man called out to Judy “Cinderella” when he heard her name.

Judy showing her driver’s license with her name on it.

Drinking some Gambrinus beer.

To get back we managed to figure out we could avoid climbing back up and down the hill and took a level way back. This went through the “centrum” or main downtown, as opposed to the “old town” or “new town” (but both old) on the other side of the river. Lots of nice stores, office buildings and shopping centers.

This time over the Jiraskuv Most

At first glance, this looks like a zoo on a boat! But its a boat to take you to the zoo….

The “Dancing House” – intended by the architect to look like it was dancing…

Around Prague there are a number of modern art sculptures including this octopus. We did manage to see three of them.

And now back to the Old Town – but the rest of the day will have to wait – but it does include some guys have tea at 5…

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