Afternoon Tea and Good King Wenceslaus

To quote Henry James,
“There are only a few hours in life that are more pleasant than those devoted to the period of “Tea at Five” ritual.“


. to Wenceslaus Square and Novo Mesto, the New Town

Beautiful painted walls on this building.

And some more beautiful buildings along Wenceslaus Square. The buildings here are all so beautiful, except a few communist era buildings which are very plain and functional I’ve never seen so much decoration and so many statues!

A monk with a scooter – just liked it.

Looking up the square towards the National Museum

And in contrast, a Communist era building, actually a little more interesting than some I’ve seen in other places.

The good saint himself, King Vaclav (Wenceslaus), shown with the four patron saints of Prague. On left, his mother, Ludmilla.

This is a memorial to two young men who both died in this vicinity protesting the communist take-over by burning themselves to death. Just my age and I was beginning college then.

The small balcony where Vaclav Havel announced the “Velvet Revolution” had succeeded in toppling the Communist rule, in Dec 1989. Its the wrought iron railing in the lighter building (Marks and Spencer building).

And a picture from the day

Inside another Art Deco building, Lucerne Palace, with sculpture of Wenceslaus on an upside down horse by David Cerny (who also did the Octopus from a prior blog post.

And some other photos from the beautiful interior – gorgeous marble walls and rich woods.

Just as we got in, a monk came and told us it was closing and no pictures – just after I snapped this one. Not the best but all I could get as we turned to leave.

The cute market where we bought food near dusk.

And we ate at Lokal – sausages, pickled herring and beer basically.

Here’s how they kept track of the beers – we obviously did not drink our share…

Favorite picture of the day

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