Hawaii – The Big Island – 2018

Did not make it to Costa Rica so we decided to try something different to get away from snow and cold. Going to the Big Island of Hawaii for  2 1/2 weeks.

Staying first in Naalehu, southernmost town in Hawaii.  Cute little (3 bedroom) Airbnb cottage.

Main attraction is volcanoes. We’ll be doing a helicopter tour over Kilauea

And staying the second week near Mauna Kea – view of it from our hot tub!

Really cool house too!

In keeping with our previous beer tours (Prague, Budapest, everywhere), we’ll be doing a “Beer and Poke flight experience”.  A beer brewed on each island plus poke prepared to go with each.

There will be waterfalls.

and the Green Sand Beach

The Black Sand beach – Punalu’u

Hopefully a few whales

And more

Oh, and this!

“For the first time in 35 years, a blue moon will occur during a total lunar eclipse on Jan. 31, an event some have taken to calling a “super blue blood moon.”

If that sounds like a lot — it is. The alignment of the full moon will make it look like a “supermoon” due to its increased proximity to Earth, causing the satellite to appear slightly larger and brighter than usual. Additionally, it will mark the second full moon of the month, an event often described as a “blue moon.” And third, this full moon happens to fall during a total lunar eclipse, which is sometimes called a “blood moon” due to the reddish-orange light totally eclipsed moons emit.”


But hopefully no big eruptions or missile scares….



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