What a change to go from a quiet hidden away B&B in a quiet hidden away town to the bustle and life in Florence. The cathedral dominates the city and I don’t have the words to describe it beyond “wow”. The sheer size, the complexity of design and worksmanship and the beauty must be seen to be appreciated. From our 4th floor hotel room, it dwarfs us at the same time it’s closeness almost gives me a sense of being part of it, like I could reach out and touch it. As if Brunelleschi and Giotti and the many artists whose work went into this are there around me. Ok this sounds like I’ve had one two many glasses if wine or Grappa but all I had was one Italian beer, a bowl of rotini and meat sauce and a pistacchio gelato. As I said, you have to see it.

For Katie especially here is dinner from a little pizzeria

Bill had a cheese and spinach (spinach defines Florentine style cooking), meat wrap. My pasta had a fair amount of pepper on it and was more soupy sauce than I’m used to but good. And gelato that was excellent.

Sorry – no gelato pictures but I had pistacchio and Bill had chocolate.

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