Last Night in Florence

Mike came to the hotel after class and we took him out to dinner. Turns out he had never seen underneath the Duomo where the old church was excavated and had never been in the museum of artwork found in the old church excavation or things moved there from the Duomo like Michelangelo’s Pieta so hope he’ll get there.

We ate at Pennelo, right next to Dante’s house….

Dinner was very good but maybe not spectacular – most restaurants in this area cater more to tourists.

Tortelini with artichokes

Ravioli stuffed with spinach and cheese with oil and basil on it

Penne with spicy sauce

Bill and Mike also got a second dish and we ended with a cream dessert and of course a good Tuscan red wine

Mike went to meet friends (after enjoying dinner for 3 hours) and we went to bed….

Off to Venezia tomorrow, but it’s supposed to rain. 🙁 Today was sunny and perfect – 70 degrees (F)

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