Driving to medieval times

So after locating our rental car, we took off with only a few oops, turn around here incidents.  Once we were out of Bordeaux it was pretty easy going. 

Contrast of the old and the new and new-ish in Bordeaux
More hills and very green. There has been a lot of rain in southern France
Love seeing some familiar names along the way – like Limoges on this sign, went by Bergerac (ala Cyrano de Bergerac, although he was not from here)
Cute towns along the way once we were off the bigger highway 
Sarlat-la-Canéda- in the center, the walled medieval city

Parking lots are outside the old city so we had to walk to our apartment down Rue de la Boetie, our little street

Our door and inside 1001 Nuit apartment (1001 nights)

Stairs to the bedroom 

Hot tub instead of a living room – perfect for us!
Kitchen beyond the hot tub and to its right, the sauna. Upstairs, the bedroom
Le Bistrot restaurant

Next in search of dinner we found the area with restaurants was pretty busy at 8PM – and this place was full – later read that it was recommended by Rick Steves so no wonder…. but it was good, great service and we were happy to get dinner after our long trip.

I had a “Kiwini” – Vodka, lemon juice, orange juice and kiwi syrup- very refreshing and not too strong
Light meals – duo of melon on bottom was marinated with citrus and basilic wine with sliced duck breast (LOTS of duck in this area) and Bill had “Salad Goat” which meant goat cheese which was on the bread on a salad with walnuts
But this being France and Bill – we did have dessert – “Rum Baba” – cake soaked in orange rum with what they translated as “arranged Vanilla” (whipped cream probably with vanilla flavoring) – VERY GOOD!
And you guessed it, relaxing in the hot tub before going to bed and sleeping about 11 hours!!

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  1. Looks like you’ve done it again-finding the cutest place to stay. Love the door to your apartment! The hot tub looks wonderful! The food looks delicious. What?!? No chocolate mousse?

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