Sarlat Market

The market is Sarlat-la-Caneda has been famous since the Middle Ages. It takes place twice a week on Wednesday and Saturday and pretty much covers the whole of the old city- mainly on the Main Street, Rue de la Republique but also on several plazas and here and there down smaller streets. There is a lot of food and almost any other goods – clothes, accessories, household items, leather goods, toys, a few souvenirs. Many of the shoppers are locals getting food or other items. Biggest market I’ve seen. And all the restaurants offer petit-dejeuner, breakfast, although they are normally closed in the morning. Biggest market I’ve seen!

Produce is amazing here
Need a few onions or garlic?
Or some olives?

The big doors even opened in the former church and there was food sales inside – these doors are only partially shown here – their size was shown in an earlier post.

Man showing off his vegetable slicers – looked like they worked great!

Visited the cathedral with its organ from the 1700’s which was being played. 

Walking around town this struck me as interesting – such an old building with its big LG air conditioners…

And ok, couldn’t resist one more cute building picture.

Waiting in the sun for our chosen restaurant to open.  Le Bistro de l’Octroi is recommended by many locals and it did not disappoint. This building was originally the place where taxes were paid by people importing goods into the city. 

Sunny and 80 degrees – a beautiful day
Ended the day in our sauna and then hot tub – both in our Airbnb apartment!

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