Sarlat, St Leon sur Vezere and prehistoric man

Started the day with a trip up an unusual elevator to the top of the old church tower in Sarlat. It is a glass elevator that goes up the middle of the tower and then out the top to give a great panoramic view of the town.

Looking up the elevator shaft

Next, on the recommendation of Patrice from the Medievale Biere brewery, we went to see St Leon sur Vezere. This is a sleepy little town compared to touristy Sarlat. Another Kodak town – you can’t stop taking pictures…

Perfect area for a picnic on the Vezere River.

Then we decided to walk across the bridge and discovered signs to a park so we walked there – and it was a big park with a dinosaur display, ropes courses, and a prehistoric troglodyte site that was later also inhabited through the Middle Ages.

View of St Leon from the bridge
Beautiful path and the shade was appreciated, it was a warm day

Bill meets a dinosaur by the entrance – our first clue about this park!
Bill just had to photograph the rustic restrooms – especially the men’s side..
And I admit to taking this picture…

And more dinosaurs with no comment… 

The park actuallly attempts to portray a chronological progress though time from dinosaurs to modern man. It was a pleasant walk and the rest is not simulated – its a real cave dwelling dating back to troglodytes (cave men). They didn’t actually live in real caves as they used fire and would have filled a cave with smoke, but they lived on the eroded away areas of limestone cliffs called abris.  This site was used by prehistoric men and also used through the Middle Ages and even beyond as a hiding spot or lookout along the river.  Artifacts are found from the various inhabitants.

One awesome aspect was we were here entirely alone – not one other person was there! 

This looks sort of prehistoric but one interesting thing we learned was there were no trees here when Cro Magnon and Neanderthal people lived here.
Some new stairs
And some old ones
Very old ones…

There are several guesses on what this was but we don’t really know…

And time for dinner at a very cute restaurant but probably our least favorite for food and service. 

But the beer was good
And the cassoulet was also – a typical dish of the area. 

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