Bordeaux Day

The next day it was time to leave and move to Bordeaux where we’d be getting our river cruise two days later. It was a chance to see a little of Bordeaux and get our laundry done!

St Cyprien – not sure what this was for

Stopped in Bergerac for lunch – along the river 

Now vineyards are everywhere

Got to the train station, turned in the car and found the tram to our apartment.

Living room of our Bordeaux apartment

Some of the stairs to our apartment
Another view of the stairs
It was not hard to find a place to eat – this was taken right outside our door.
St Pierre
French love monuments – this one was mostly dismantled during WWII to be melted down for war production but somehow the Resistance hid them and they were later brought back to Bordeaux
Our chosen restaurant was full so we decided on this one – right on our street. The two tables next to us were locals who told us this was a very good restaurant and after eating, we agreed.
House soup was so good!
Lamb was excellent
Dinner with Ophelia and Gabriel
We also met three engineering student studying in Bordeaux – they were very interested in talking to Bill and might check on the 3M plants in France for jobs or internships.
The long climb back home

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