Munich, Germany – I should have loved it more but it did rain

I’ve been near Munich, love the scenery and the nearby mountains, love the whole idea of Bavaria but we avoided Munich when we were nearby years ago because the kids (and Dad) were with us and it seemed not a great time to visit with them because it was Oktoberfest.  I’m going to say right now I did not fall in love with Munich. There were some interesting things that I might consider going to see another time (we had very little time there this time) but I’m not sold on it.

Maybe because it rained most of the day and was windy and chilly. Maybe that made it worse.

It wasn’t a far walk to the old town area. We entered through old gates. Now, I’m not saying there weren’t beautiful buildings – even on a gray day but I’ve seen them now, that’s enough.

First view of the “new” Munich Rathaus. 

Just for my brother Kevin – he’ll know why (so will Judy). And no Bill didn’t – I think he needs you along.

The Rathaus

Later we saw a demonstration going on for women’s rights – expressing the need to provide equal pay for equal jobs. 

One of the highlights of Munich, the Frauenkirche  – but its actually hard to see so close up to other buildings as it is. And of course there was scaffolding. 

There is a defect in the pavement near the entrance that has a legend attached. It’s said the devil stood there and left a footprint, complete with  It showed up because he stood on this spot near the entrance to see the church that had been built and was overjoyed that there were no windows. From this point you cannot see any of the windows on the sides and the window behind the altar was hidden by the large altar piece that was there at that time.

The story goes on that the devil took a step forward and he could see the windows and was so mad he stamped his foot on the floor where he had been deceived and made this mark, complete with the spur on the heel .

The church’s condition after World War II

At this point we decided to take a bus tour partly to get out of the rain and warm again. It was a nice tour but we just didn’t take the time or effort to get off as it was getting late in the day (busses end at 4). 

We did get off for the Hofbrauhaus and had a breze (pretzel), wurst and bier.

And of course there was an Irish pub – we’ ve seen one everywhere we’ve been!

Most impressive was the palace outside of the main city a bit.

We also went by the site of the Munich Olympics – further back than many of you remember…

And back in the town a bit more before its the end of Munich for us.

Burgersaalkirche  – this had a lower and upper level. Built in the very early 1700’s.

Lower level

And the St Michaelskirche, a Jesuit church

And that’s it for pretty churches. But some picture of this church after the war. 

And last but not least, Bill found a store that had a plaque with his favorite motto on it.

Paris to Munich

We’ve never been to Munich, nearby but we were with our young kids (and my father) and it was fall and so we avoided Oktoberfest on purpose. We had the evening in a hotel outside Paris to do laundry (very romantic, but Bill did most of the work so it sort of was) while I talked to a woman at the bar. In the morning we set off for Gare du Nord on an RER train from the airport. 

Walked from there – on the streets of Paris again! – to Gare de l’est for our train to Munich.

A little bittersweet to see these signs when we entered – for those who don’t know I fell and broke my leg and dislocated my knee on a Loire valley trip – requiring two surgeries and still not in great shape.

There is a piano in the station and anyone can play it – this man was very good and the elderly man by him was tapping along to the tune with his cane, totally engrossed in the music. During our wait, several people played.

So different in a train station than an airport. For one thing – no huge security hassle. People run in at the (very) last moment. You wait until 20 minutes before the train leaves when they put up which track your train will be on and then everyone waiting moves toward that track. This was our train, on the right.

I downloaded an app and tracked the speed of the train – but the speedometer looks like it only went up to 200 mph and the train was at least that fast – it showed the maximum on the app. They do regularly go 200 MPH, highest speed ever was over 300 MPH for these high speed trains. You could tell it was faster than a car mostly because the power line poles going by were almost invisible to the eye. 

We sped along to …Strasbourg 


We had a little lunch onboard


Now, I had chosen this train because it was a through train to Munich – no changes to have to haul our luggage out and over to another track. But Deutschbahn had other ideas in Stuttgart, after a few minutes in Stuttgart, they announced some long message in German and French but they were not easy to hear. Then in English, they literally said “This train is not going to Munich. Get off this train now.”  So we did.

Someone told us later that they had a problem with the train going to Paris and this one was going to turn around and go back. We had to wait (luckily not long) for another train to Munich – but forget reserved seats and if you were unlucky, having a seat at all.  We got one though and had some interesting companions in our little compartment.  First there was a mom and her little son who kept turning the heat up in the car – I think mom was telling him to leave it alone but not sure she realized what he was doing. Bill would try to turn it back down when the little boy wasn’t looking. Also we had an elderly man who either did not speak German fluently or just didn’t speak well. He kept asking when the train would get to Munich and if it was in fact going to Munich. A young man from Nigeria answered him so patiently every time that it was going to Munich and approximately how long it would be. We learned that this young man was studying to be a nursing aide for elderly patients and dementia patients. I told him I knew he’d be good at it by what a patient and kind person he was. 

Anyway we did eventually get to Munich maybe ½ late only and got to our apartment.  So next post will be our day in Munich.