Our much anticipated trip begins…

Packing is 99% done. We’ve weighed the bags and added until they are almost 50 lbs each.   Can hardly believe this trip is finally here – I first booked it for all of us on August 22, 2016! It seemed like forever to go – and plenty of time to get really good at riding bikes again (I had not yet been able to pedal a bike at all a year ago, and even 10 months ago I barely could) and of course I would be able to lose the 10-15 lbs that I gained while partially incapacitated. (lost about 5).


This trip is a little more difficult than some. We need bike clothes (yes, those funny padded pants made of spandex and bike jerseys), bike shoes, maybe your own saddle, rain jackets, etc. But also we are on a ship and have to dress a bit for dinner – dresses/skirts/nice slacks for me. And on either end of the trip – regular clothes. One checked suitcase is all that’s allowed along with small carryon.

Next stop – Delta Club at Minneapolis, tomorrow Paris airport and then off to Prague. 


Our Trips

2010 – La Dolce Vita – three weeks in Italy – Milan, Varenna, Belagio, Lake Como, Cinque Terre, Florence, Venice, Rome, Pompeii, Sorrento

2011 – Distant Peaks – South Korea – Seoul, DMZ, Pusan, Yeoungchen, Daigu

2011 – Europe 2011 – a 3M tour – three weeks in England, Paris, Delft, Effelsberg,  Düsseldorf, Wroclaw

2013 – My Paris, a moveable feast – 10 days with Kevin and Judy

2013 – Costa Rica – Pura Vida

2014 Costa Rica

2015 – France – Paris, Loire Valley Bike Trip

2015 – Costa Rica

2016 – Ireland

2016/17 Costa Rica

2017 – Orlando

2017 – Europe and Kuwait 2017 – a 3M tour – Paris, Kuwait, Munich area, Burghausen, Wroclaw, Dresden

2017 – Prague, Back Roads Danube River Bike/River Cruise, Budapest

My Paris – A Moveable Feast

Thinking over what to call this blog, I remembered a quote from a book I read. Paraphrased just a little to shorten it – it says

In a way that isn’t possible with London or New York or Berlin, one can speak of “Colette’s Paris” or “Hemingway’s Paris” or “Scott Fitzgerald’s Paris” or your own Paris. … Finding the only cafe, the perfect park, the loveliest view, the most beautiful walk .. a succession of arrivals and departures that leaves one with memories that can never be erased, the moments one recounts all one’s life prefaced by the words, “I remember… once… in Paris” Walk with me.

So now do I call it “I remember once in Paris” or “My Paris”? I’ve already changed once, eventually it will settle down.

Oh, but then there is Hemingway’s quote

If you are lucky enough to have lived in Paris as a young man, then wherever you go for the rest of your life, it stays with you, for Paris is a moveable feast.

Might have to go with “My Paris – a moveable feast” And the double meaning fits beautifully with all the food blogging I like to do…